The 4 Most Common Types of Working Capital Financing

Working capital is the figure calculated by subtracting the current amount of liabilities your company has with the current assets available. Liabilities, in this case, include any items you’re spending money on, where assets refer to cash in the bank. Working capital allows the business to continue functioning between receiving payments and buying new product. As such, it isn’t uncommon for a business to find itself needing a bit of more »

Don’t Get Scammed When You Are Looking For An Equipment Leasing Broker

The current economy has unfortunately brought out a lot of bad people.  In the last year we have seen fraud on both sides.  Some so called brokers and even on applicants for equipment leasing. Many businesses want to take advantage of the benefits of  equipment leasing but they don’t qualify.  This is were scammers come in.  They promise to help people who can not get approved in the traditional sense. more »

How to Save on Your Next Equipment Lease

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association reports that businesses in the US spend an estimated $200 billion on equipment financing – that includes larger vehicles such as commercial airplanes down to the smaller devices such laptops and computers. Whether this is your first time to apply for equipment lease financing or you are planning to renew your contract, below are essential tips on how you can save money from your more »