What Is Business Credit?

how to build business creditBusiness credit is credit that is built using your business EIN.  When done correctly you will not need to use your personal credit or offer a personal guarantee to obtain financing.

Can you build Business Credit When You Have Bad Personal Credit?

Definitely!  Many of our clients start their business credit building journey simply because they are unable to obtain financing using their own personal credit.

Why Build Business Credit?

  • Is NOT dependant on your personal credit score.  Meaning you can have bad credit and STILL get approved for low interest loans and lines of credit using your BUSINESS credit
  • Separates your business finances from your personal finances
  • Helps position your business for obtaining large business loans

How Do You Build Business Credit?

There is a right way and a wrong way to building business credit.  We teach our clients how to quickly and easily build their business credit REGARDLESS of their personal credit score.

We put together a full SITE of information you!   Please click the link below to start learning about building business credit!

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