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Equipment Leasing

The Benefits Of Equipment Leasing

How will leasing your equipment benefit you?

Equipment Leasing Helps Overcome Budget Constraints!
Work with the Right Equipment Leasing Company
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Leasing Saves Your Working Capital

It converts a large cash purchase into a low, affordable, tax deductible monthly payment. Leasing eases the strain on your working capital by providing 100% financing. Meaning you have more funds available for things like payroll, advertising and other expansion efforts.

Leasing Provides Total Financing

Leasing offers 100% financing, and unlike a bank loan, requires no down payment. Taxes, delivery, service contracts and other soft costs not typically financed by a bank can be included in the cost of the lease. One or two payments in advance are usually all that is required.

Leasing Overcomes Budget Limitations and Guards Against Obsolescence

Lease payments are often lower than purchase installments, making the most of your current budgets. This allows you, or your customers to acquire all of the equipment they need to meet current demands, rather than being forced to work with outdated or inferior equipment.

Leasing Lessens the Impact of Inflation

Through leasing, you can offset inflation with fixed lease payments. You can acquire the equipment you need at today’s prices, and pay for it with tomorrow’s, less valuable dollars. The monthly payment may be 100% tax deductible as an operating expense.

Leasing Provides Financing For Bad Credit

Many business owners with a low credit score find it difficult to obtain financing for their businesses. Some equipment leasing companies have special bad credit equipment lease programs that cater to the business owner with bad credit.

Leasing Provides Financing For Brand New Businesses

Start up businesses can be hard to finance. Most banks want to see 2 – 3 years of business tax returns before they are willing to finance a new business. Here at we have created several start up equipment leasing programs to help new businesses obtain the equipment they need to become competitive in their industry!

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