Equipment Financing

Minimum lease amount $2,000. We provide equipment financing for all types of businesses!

Secured Business Loans

Minimum loan amount is $10,000 This program is for people who own equipment or real estate.

Working Capital Loans

We have a wide array of working capital loan programs. Some secured and some unsecured!

Do you sell equipment? Our vendors LOVE us because we not only get their A & B credits done, but we do their bad credit and startup businesses! Try us! You will love us too! Contact us so we can create a custom program for your customers!

Why are our business financing programs so diverse?

We understand that things happen, we don’t have a “cookie cutter” approach to financing!

As we grew, we added more good credit programs to accomodate our vendor partners.

We have business financing programs that cater to business owners with good credit, and then we have business financing programs for people with bad credit.

We have been helping business owners obtain equipment financing since 1997. Because of our extensive background in credit, we opened our doors focusing on startup business financing and bad credit business financing. Both industries are considered high risk and specialized.

Our working capital programs were designed to try to help as many small business owners as we can.

Even if other banks have said No. Give us a call. If there is a way to get you financed, we know it! We can also guide in what changes need to be made so that we can turn that NO to a YES!

Why Choose Equipment Leasing?

Watch the video and find out!