Equipment Leasing For Start Up Business

Equipment Leasing

Brand New – 3 Years In Business

Financing a startup business is no longer a difficult task!  While many banks maybe shying away from startup business equipment leasing, LEASEFUNDERS.COM  SPECIALIZES in equipment leasing for start up business!

  • Easy Equipment Lease Application Process
  • No time in business required!
  • Flexible Credit Requirements!

Our Startup Equipment Leasing Program

Minimum lease amount of $10,000

Time In Business: No time in business required. If you have more than 3 years time in business please Click Here for our established business leasing program

Are you an equipment vendor/ salesperson needing help in getting your startup businesses financed? Click here for our vendor program!

Documentation Needed

Credit Requirements

  • Must have an established personal credit history. If you have no credit of your own, you can use a co-signer
  • All bankruptcies must be at least 3 years discharged.

Get Approved Fast!

Start Up leasing is a SPECIALIZED lease program. Here are some tips that will help you obtain your equipment lease quickly.

Please Refrain From submitting your equipment lease request to numerous equipment leasing companies. Why? Many equipment leasing companies do not provide equipment leasing for companies with less than 2 years in business and each time you submit to a leasing company they will pull your credit. Thus lowering your credit score.

Do Submit any information (such as business plans, executive summaries, resumes, etc.) when you submit your equipment lease application. While it is not required, we have found that it will on occasion turn a NO into a YES!

Do Submit full financial information. Put your best foot forward!

Do Tell us if you have any credit problems. Submit a letter of explanation with your equipment lease application to help us make our credit decision.

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If you have any questions please call 1-888-308-7160