Bad Credit Equipment Leasing Program – Start ups OK

Having Bad Credit Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Get Financing!

bad credit equipment leasing programDon’t let bad credit stop you from obtaining equipment for your business!  Let our 18 years of experience in financing bad credit help you to get the equipment you need!  We know how to package your lease request so that our banks and financiers look favorably upon your request.

This program is for the purchase of EQUIPMENT ONLY.  If you are looking for a bad credit secured business loan, click here.  For equipment financing please continue to read the requirements below.

Our Bad Credit Equipment Leasing Program

Credit RequirementsLease Approved

  • If you have filed bankruptcy it must be discharged at least 3 years
  • You must have started to rebuild your credit.

How To Get Approved For A Bad Credit Equipment Lease

  • Write a letter of explanation for the negative items on your credit report when you submit your application
  • Submit 3 months bank statements with your application.  Make sure on your letter of explanation you put down how this piece of equipment will improve your businesses profits.
  • If you have a question about your eligibility feel free to call us at 1-888-308-7160 and tell one of our credit analyst about your situation.
  • Try not to shop your deal around.  Not all leasing companies accept bad credit and you are just hurting your credit score. 

Questions?  Call us at 888-308-7160  or send us an email!