Equipment Sale Leaseback – Secured Business Loan Option

What is an Equipment Sale Leaseback? Its when you use your businesses existing equipment or real estate, that is already paid for, as collateral for a loan.  What are the requirements for an equipment sale-leaseback ( a.k.a secured business loan) The main requirements for this type of business loan are: You must own the equipment.  100% paid for.  Or it must be almost paid for, and part of the loan proceeds will pay off more »

How To Be Successful In The Auto Tire Center Business

There are more vehicles on the road now than at any other time in the nation’s history. Business is booming for auto tire centers and they have the potential to reap substantial profits, but only to the degree that they are capable of meeting the full range of their customers’ needs. To be a successful tire center owner you need to have many things besides a strong will and the more »

How you can Benefit from the Equipment Sale Leaseback Program

An equipment sale leaseback program is a form of leasing where the business owner sells existing equipment in exchange for cash. The equipment leasing company buys the property and then leases it back to the business owner.  The business owner now pays the leasing company the monthly rent for the continuous use of the equipment. If you own a business and have purchased all the necessary equipment you need to more »