Equipment Sale Leaseback – Secured Business Loan Option

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Equipment Sale Leaseback – Secured Business Loan Option

What is an Equipment Sale Leaseback?

Its when you use your businesses existing equipment or real estate, that is already paid for, as collateral for a loan. 

What are the requirements for an equipment sale-leaseback ( a.k.a secured business loan)

The main requirements for this type of business loan are:

  • You must own the equipment.  100% paid for.  Or it must be almost paid for, and part of the loan proceeds will pay off the balance.
  •  Equipment should be in good working condition – we always send out an inspection team to make sure the equipment is in good condition
  • Equipment should have value.  What I mean is that things like computers can’t be used because they lose their value too quickly.  We prefer titled equipment, but we have done none titled equipment as long as the business owner could provide a bill of sale (proof of when and how much they paid for the equipment)

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Businesses choose this type of secured business financing because it provides:

  • Fast approval and funding. Applications can be approved within 24 hours once everything is in order.
  • The loan amount can be used to purchase more equipment.  Or you can use it for working capital.
  • Minumum 600 credit score.  On some types of equipment we can go below a 600
  • Startups can be approved.  Time in business doesn’t matter.
  • Funding can take place in 3 to 5 days.  It depends mainly on how quickly we can arrange an inspection company to go to your location.
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Use our secured online application form to apply for your equipment lease!
Ready to apply? Visit our Equipment Sale Leaseback page to know more about how this financing option works.
**Article updated 8/4/18 by L. Roberts




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