Starting a Business Through Equipment Leasing

Financing can be considered as one of the toughest challenges in starting a business.  Many successful business owners had to work on a limited budget.  Through careful planning and preparation, they were able to grow their businesses from scratch. One way to minimize the start-up costs and begin the business operations at the soonest possible time is to lease equipment. Purchasing business equipment can eat up a large percentage of your more »

Leasing Business Equipment with Bad Credit

Having bad credit can prove to be a handicap not just for consumers but for businesses as well.  Applying for a business loan is not easy as most banks and lending companies strictly require good or excellent credit.  If you have a problem with bad credit, your loan application can be rejected if you submit it to the wrong lender. One financing option is equipment leasing.  If you’re in need more »

How to Choose the Right Equipment Lease Company

Choosing an equipment lease company may not be so easy when you are confronted with a lot of choices.  In response to the great demand for business equipment leasing, an increasing number of finance companies today are offering lease financing services to many businesses. Would you like to apply for a business equipment lease?  If yes, then it is crucial that you find the right leasing partner.  In this article, more »

How to Cut Back On Equipment Leasing Costs

Business equipment leasing is a cost-efficient way to finance a business. Learning the right strategies can help you cut back your equipment leasing costs, so you can save your business budget even more.  Check out the following tips on how you can spend less from your next equipment lease: 1. Choose a business equipment leasing company carefully.  A poor choice of a lease partner can prove to be costly.  For more »

Equipment Leasing – A Practical Method of Business Financing

When it comes to financing, business owners today have a number of options to choose from.  Aside from acquiring traditional business loans from banks or commercial lenders, it is also possible to seek out short term loans to cover for small business expenses.  Small business credit cards are also increasingly becoming popular as these plastic credit lines can come in handy when unexpected expenditures arise. However, there is another method more »