Equipment Leasing – Helpful for Start-Up and Growing Businesses

Equipment leasing can be very helpful for both start-up and growing businesses because it offers business owners the opportunity to acquire the best equipment available in the market even with a limited budget. Indeed, purchasing equipment- whether new or second-hand equipment, may require a new business to invest to much of its working capital into buying the equipment it needs. On the other hand, leasing business equipment involves very minimal more »

Using Equipment Lease to Finance a Business

Regardless of how big or small your business is or how long your business has been in operations, equipment lease financing is worth considering.  In fact, many successful corporations today lease equipment to cut back costs, decrease their tax liability, stay on budget, and improve the use of their working capital. How can leasing business equipment enable you to save money?  Purchasing business equipment often requires a considerable amount of more »

How you can Benefit from the Equipment Sale Leaseback Program

An equipment sale leaseback program is a form of leasing where the business owner sells existing equipment in exchange for cash. The equipment leasing company buys the property and then leases it back to the business owner.  The business owner now pays the leasing company the monthly rent for the continuous use of the equipment. If you own a business and have purchased all the necessary equipment you need to more »

Searching For An Equipment Lease Partner

All business owners are confronted with the challenge of financing their companies and for many of them, they are able to find practical ways to successfully fund their businesses. One way to save and stretch capital is to lease business equipment. Instead of spending a large portion of the business’s budget on purchasing equipment, leasing enables the business owner to use their available cash for other important business expenses. What more »

Five Steps to Prepare for Business Equipment Lease

When a small business is in search for financial assistance, the first thing that comes to mind is a business loan. Today however, there is more than one way to finance a business. For instance, acquiring an equipment lease is a great strategy to cut costs and stretch the available budget. In this article, let’s talk about the five essential steps on to applying for an equipment lease. 1.Know the more »