Growing Trends for Automotive Shops and Technicians

Automotive shops are changing all the time and if your repair shop is going to keep up and stay profitable, you are going to have to change as well. Staying on top of current trends in the industry is one sure way to stay competitive and ensure that your business gets the customer base it needs to stay open. The five major trends that researchers are seeing in the industry are more »

Equipment Lease Tips For Startup Businesses

For a startup business, applying for a bank loan can prove to be difficult especially for those with no business credit history. The first question you should ask your prospective equipment lease broker is, Do you have a program fro startup businesses.  That simple question will save you a whole lot of time! Who Can Lease Both start up and established businesses can qualify for an equipment lease.  In fact, this more »

Equipment Leasing – Five Leasing Methods That Improves Cash Flow

Many entrepreneurs have to juggle with cash shortages while setting up and growing a business. However, you can spend less by leasing equipment instead of buying. Business owners all over the world operate in an aggressive and highly competitive environment. Conserving working capital can give you an edge over competitors. It is not wise to buy expensive equipment which will be obsolete within a short time. This is true for more »

Practical Tips for Business Leasing for the First Time

Business leasing can be a great option for owners that needs to acquire equipment but are on a limited budget.  Ready to use leasing to help finance your business? If yes, consider the following tips to make your leasing experience a success and hassle-free: 1. Check your business credit.  Some leasing companies only accept customers with solid business credit history.  Some businesses that have been in operations for quite a more »

How A Startup Business Can Obtain Financing Using Equipment Leasing

The biggest challenge for a startup business is financing.  Many businesses have to work with a very small budget and if your business needs to have equipment, purchasing costs can be a major challenge. Leasing business equipment is a great source of funds for many businesses. Both new business and established business can benefit from utilizing equipment leasing. Leasing requires a very minimal investment since most leasing companies only require more »