Growing Trends for Automotive Shops and Technicians

Automotive shops are changing all the time and if your repair shop is going to keep up and stay profitable, you are going to have to change as well. Staying on top of current trends in the industry is one sure way to stay competitive and ensure that your business gets the customer base it needs to stay open. The five major trends that researchers are seeing in the industry are focused on not only the repair shops, but the technicians as well.




Take a look at the following trends and watch out for them in your area. Staying ahead of the competition is ideal and having the right information is the first step.

Multi-Shop Facilities

Running an independent shop these days is becoming more and more challenging. Collaborating with other independents or a much larger shop can mean more profits for everyone involved. With multi-shop groups, there is greater buying power and more business and resource sharing than ever before. If you are newer shop and are struggling to make it, perhaps combined forces with another shop is just what you need.

Continuing Education

With the advance in automotive shop technology on the rise, education is more important than ever. Your shop needs to provide that education through continuous training and specialized courses of study designed to give technicians the knowledge and the tools needed to get the job done.

Shop Marketing

If no one knows about your shop, how will they know to come to you for repair work? Today’s auto repair shops have to be more market savvy and set aside a marketing budget that will increase customer awareness and hopefully bring in more profits at the end of the day.

Competitive Shops Will Gain More Customers

Many shops today are cutting costs in an effort to gain more customers and a bigger piece of the auto repair market. Independent shops needs to be careful when cutting costs as they aren’t as busy as a dealership repair facility and might not be able to meet their overhead.

Offering More Services

This should come as no surprise, but offering more services will result in your shop getting more business. If you don’t have the equipment to offer certain services, get it before you lose your valuable customers to shop that do have the equipment and are offering the services. If you can’t afford to purchase the equipment you need outright, consider and equipment lease program that can get you the proper equipment that your shop needs without the expense of making a major purchase.

Staying ahead of your competition takes hard work and dedication. Knowing what customers are looking for and exploring your options will take your shop far; you just have to be ready for it.

2 thoughts on “Growing Trends for Automotive Shops and Technicians

  1. It’s difficult to market an auto repair shop since many of today’s top marketing strategies are aimed at retailers who provide goods, not services. We have to use alternative methods to spread the word. Our shop offers monthly specials and concierge service to our customers.

  2. What you’re doing right now is good! Value added service is always the best strategy to get more loyal customers. Car shop is a very competitive industry and you would want to have those customers choosing your service over others.

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