Equipment Lease Tips For Startup Businesses

For a startup business, applying for a bank loan can prove to be difficult especially for those with no business credit history. The first question you should ask your prospective equipment lease broker is, Do you have a program fro startup businesses.  That simple question will save you a whole lot of time! Who Can Lease Both start up and established businesses can qualify for an equipment lease.  In fact, this more »

Starting An Auto Repair Shop? Here Are Some Tips To Get You Started

So you are starting an auto repair shop but don’t know what to do? Either you have a love for cars or just like to work with your hands. Either way, becoming part of the $130 billion a year industry isn’t as easy as buying some tools and hanging up a sign. To open an auto repair shop you must first have a well devised plan. No matter how large more »

Equipment Leasing Allows Businesses To Preserve Their Working Capital

Many business owners are looking for new ways to save money. Working capital is hard to come by unless you are a well established business with owners who have perfect credit. The days in which obtaining an unsecured loan easily have past. We used to do unsecured loans for all types of companies and credit situations. Now we can only do them if you have a credit score of 700 more »

Equipment Leasing – Five Leasing Methods That Improves Cash Flow

Many entrepreneurs have to juggle with cash shortages while setting up and growing a business. However, you can spend less by leasing equipment instead of buying. Business owners all over the world operate in an aggressive and highly competitive environment. Conserving working capital can give you an edge over competitors. It is not wise to buy expensive equipment which will be obsolete within a short time. This is true for more »

Why You Should Consider Equipment Leasing and Financing

Running a business is a capital-intensive process, and figuring out how to maximize profit is important. In most businesses, you need some kind of equipment in order to get started. If you do not feel like investing thousands of dollars in buying equipment, another option to consider is equipment leasing. This strategy can provide you with a number of benefits compared to buying equipment outright. How it Works The basic more »