5 Steps to Running an Effective Auto Repair Shop

Running an effective auto repair shop is something that can benefit your customers, your employees and yourself all at the same time. Customers like taking their cars to shops that have knowledgeable employees, good service and competitive rates. To achieve these standards takes effort on your part but will pay off in the end in added profits and a much larger customer base.

Below are some tips that can help you run your auto repair shop more effectively and much more successfully.

auto body repair shopRead them and follow the advice given as it can turn your new auto repair shop into a well-oiled machine in no time!

1. Guarantee Your Work

By offering a written guarantee, your customers will fee
l much more comfortable having your shop perform all of their necessary repair work. That written guarantee is added peace of mind that they can really use when visiting a repair shop, especially for the first time.

2. Reward Your Loyal Customers

Your regulars come to your show often to show their support and thanks for a job well done. Show them your appreciation by offering them special perks for their loyal patronage. Giving your customers discounted rates or freebies on certain services is one way to keep them coming back and to gain some valuable referrals.

3. Create an Ethics Statement

Many people distrust auto mechanics and proving to them that they can trust you can be as easy as displaying an ethics statement on your shop wall. Letting your customers know that you are looking out for their best interest when repairing their vehicle and not trying to gouge them on the price can make them feel more at ease when bringing their car in for repair or maintenance.

4. Reduce Employee Turnover Rate

Keeping valuable employees is as important as keeping your valued customers. Employees that are knowledgeable in their jobs and have the proper training can be hard to come by so keeping them happy and working is in your best interest. Treat them well, give them good benefits and good pay and you will be rewarded with years of loyalty and hard work. Customers like to see the same mechanic when they come in with their vehicle. Seeing a different mechanic every time they visit your shop is a red flag for most people.

5. The Right Equipment for the Job

Having the right equipment or tools to do a job is important and as many mechanics will tell you, it can cut down on time spent with a vehicle reducing labor costs and saving the customer money. These savings will, in turn, bring the customer back again and again.

To perform certain repairs, you have to have the right equipment. Without it, you can’t offer those repairs and your customers will go somewhere else. New equipment is expensive and used equipment might have a history of breaking down costing you time and money. Find an equipment leasing company and get the equipment you need today with having to spend and arm and a leg.

Equipment leasing is the solution for many new and independent shops; it allows you to have the equipment your shop needs to stay competitive while making lower monthly payments than if you took out a loan. An effective shop is one that can offer a wide array of services and provide the customer with what they came for.

Running an effective shop using the above tips can lead to more business and more profits in no time. Your shop will be more efficient and your customers will be much happier making your job even easier and more enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “5 Steps to Running an Effective Auto Repair Shop

  1. Having a shop guarantee its work really means a lot. Some shops offer a guarantee that is only a few months while others are offering a year or more! Guess which one I’ll go to.

  2. Some of the best auto shop guarantee includes parts and labor fees for up to 12 months. That alone is a surefire way to customers to refer them to other people. If I was looking for a shop, that’s the first thing I would want to consider.

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