Equipment Lease

Alternative Lending Option: Equipment Financing

Alternative Lending Method: Equipment Financing Did you know one of the best alternative lending methods is equipment financing?  With many banks shrinking away from lending to businesses.  Equipment financing companies are still eagerly working with business owners to help them obtain the financing they need to obtain the equipment they need to function. Whether you […]
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Start Up Business Financing

Where can you find startup business financing? Start up business financing is a rather specialized form of financing. Not all banks and financial companies will work with a new business because they are considered high risk. So as a new business owner seeking financing, the first question you should ask your prospective lender is if […]
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Should You Lease Business Equipment

Another year is about to end and as the year 2012 comes in, many business owners will need to make important decisions for their companies.  If you own a business, one question that you might need to consider is, “Should I lease business equipment?” Leasing equipment presents many benefits but you should also be aware […]
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construction equipment

Why Businesses Should Lease Their Construction Equipment 

Why Equipment Leasing Is A Great Option For Construction Companies Equipment leasing is a great solution for construction companies that need new or used construction equipment. There are a number of advantages to choosing to lease your new construction equipment rather than obtaining a loan to purchase it outright. These include: Lower Cost. Compared to […]
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