5 Tips On How To Increase Your Working Capital

The more working capital a business has, the more power it gives the business to both run efficiently and find new ways to generate income. Not only is this needed to handle any arising expenses, but having a healthy record of working capital will also make it easier to take advantage of offerings from financial institutions, such as loans and other types of services that require good credit. Naturally, keeping more »

9 Tips To Help New Businesses Get Approved For Equipment Leasing

Are you a start up business needing an equipment lease? Equipment leasing is now available for new businesses as well as well established businesses. Roughly 30% of businesses get their equipment through some kind of equipment leasing service. The kind of flexibility that comes with equipment leasing is hard to match with any other way of getting equipment for your business. Here are nine tips to consider when obtaining an more »

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Three Types Of Equipment Leases Your Business Can Profit From

Looking for ways to preserve your companies working capital? Unsure of how you will buy the new equipment your company needs to stay competitive, and still have enough to expand your company? Equipment leasing can do that for you! Equipment leasing allows you to buy the new equipment you need quickly and with a very low down payment. By making the monthly payments you are getting the use of the more »

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Equipment Lease Financing Tips to Remember

Whether you are a new business, a start-up business or an established business seeking equipment lease financing, following the tips listed below will make things easier for you and save you from unnecessary problems later on. Understand at what stage your business is Are you a startup business (less than 3 years time in business) or established? Do you have good or bad credit ? Not all leasing companies provide more »

Guide to Leasing IT Equipment

Along with the advancement of technology, the business industry also moves forward.  Today, the use of computers and communication devices are not just limited to larger corporations.  Even smaller businesses and home based enterprises make use of IT equipment to manage tasks more easily and efficiently. Needless to say, acquiring a computer system will require a considerable amount of budget.  If you are a new entrepreneur, financing your business needs can more »