Equipment Leasing for businesses with bad credit

Having bad credit usually means an automatic NO from most banks and finance companies. We have been helping businesses with credit problems obtain financing for more than 10 years! We know how to package your lease request so that our banks and financiers look favorably upon your request. Please read the requirements below and if you meet them feel free to contact us!

Our Bad Credit Leasing Programs

We work to find solutions!

The Fresh Start Program is designed to help companies with PAST credit problems.


Credit Requirements

  • All credit problems must be in the past
  • Bankruptcies must be discharged (at least 3 years)
  • Explanation of credit problems will be required
  • Tax liens and judgments must be paid

Tips For Faster Lease Approval

  • Provide a written explanation for the negative items on your credit report when you submit your application
  • Be prepared to or provide at time of application, financial information that will show that you have the means to repay the lease.
  • Before submitting your application to a leasing company CALL THEM make sure they can help clients with your particular needs.Keep In Mindeach time you submit a deal to a leasing company and they pull your credit, your credit risk score is lowered! Be careful or you may just shop yourself out of any chance of obtaining your lease! Also an excessive amount of inquires will also adversely effect your chances of being financed.Don’t make a lender ask themselves:Why didn’t any of these other companies finance this request? How much is the client REALLY looking for

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