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Equipment vendors & dealers, our equipment financing programs will help you close more sales! Our equipment vendor program will provide financing for ALL of your clients, not just your well established A & B credit clients.
If you are tired of working with leasing companies that will only provide financing for your “A” credit clients, then you need to call us!


Benefits To Joining Our Vendor Program

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Equipment Vendor Programs

Increase Sales

Leasing closes sales. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when it can be paid on a fixed monthly payment rather than having to incur a major capital outlay. Furthermore, the customer may acquire additional equipment for a small incremental increase in monthly payment.

Budget Friendly

As a lease payment takes much less of an annual budget than a major cash outlay, funds remain in the customer’s budget to acquire more equipment, more often from you.

Minimize Lost Sales

You can control the sale from start to finish. The sale is closed and financing can be arranged at the same time. Customers procrastinate when they have to arrange their own financing. Time delays increase the potential of lost sales and allows the customer to shop for other pricing.

Repeat Sales

Leasing arrangements encourage the customers to add-on and trade-up on additional or larger equipment without exhausting their equipment budget.

Service Revenues

Equipment service contracts can usually be included in the lease.

Pre Funding

Pre funding (partial and full ) is available for approved vendors and deals. Pre funding is when we pay your invoice before you ship the equipment to your customer. This will allow you to put your working capital to better use! You must advise your customer that the lease starts the day that a check is cut and mailed to you.

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