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Equipment leasing available nationwide for all types of equipment. We have financed small and large business, start up and well established. We work quickly with you to get the equipment that you need. Equipment leasing is a great way to obtain the equipment you need to make your business work while preserving your working capital .

cost of factoring


On the surface, the cost of factoring will appear to be expensive…but that often can be a distortion because much of the cost of factoring is recoverable if the money provided by factoring is used to fuel the growth of the company.

How Is The Cost Of Factoring Recoverable?

Factoring provides immediate funds for your eligible invoices. Consequently, you have cash well in advance of when you otherwise might expect to receive it from your customers. This acceleration of your cash flow enhances your ability to…

Meet Near Term Obligations Hire Personnel
Generate Sales Replenish Inventory
Expand Operations Meet Payroll
Capitalize on Discounts Secure Contracts
Forecast / Schedule & Budget

Factoring brings a lot more to the table than just funding. In addition to meeting immediate funding needs, factoring provides a complete, state-of-the-art Accounts Receivable Program.

Our factoring companies are managed by a team of professionals, that will work with you to eliminate one of the most time consuming and difficult tasks of any business, Collecting Money.

You hire other professionals: Attorneys, CPAs, Consultants, PR and Advertising Agencies to handle specific functions for you … this is no different.

The key element in a factoring program is not what it costs, but rather how it can contribute to your bottom line… The profit potential of growth fueled by a predictable, accelerated cash flow. Click Here To Request An Application


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