Factoring is an asset based financing method whereby a company uses its account receivable to generate immediate cash flow.

A factoring company purchases your companies account receivable portfolio and will immediately advance up to 95% of its face value. The balance of the funds – less the factors fee and discount – is released back to you once the receivables are collected.

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What Kind of Companies Utilize Factoring

What Are Factoring Companies Looking For In A Client?

The factoring company will take more than a casual look at a your company’s balance sheet, but their real focus is on the quality of the A/R portfolio. They focus on the creditworthiness of YOUR customers, rather than your companies credit. Factoring is open to companies in all stages of development from startups to well established businesses.

Companies that
are Privately held
Manufacturers & Distributors Transportation Companies
Public and Venture
backed companies
Service Companies Companies In Transition
Companies experiencing
rapid growth
Wholesalers Start Ups
Telecommunications industries Importers Technology Companies

The factoring company will look for:

High quality A/R Decent
Capacity for
Potential for success Clearly defined objectives Competent and honest management

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