Factoring is an asset based financing method whereby a company uses its account receivable to generate immediate cash flow.

A factoring company purchases your companies account receivable portfolio and will immediately advance up to 95% of its face value. The balance of the funds – less the factors fee and discount – is released back to you once the receivables are collected.

Our Working Capital Programs

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Factoring Program Highlights

  • It generally takes 7 – 10 days to process your application to become a client
  • Once you are a client, each time you submit your A/R funding will generally take place within 24 hours
  • Our Factoring companies will also evaluate promising start-up companies
  • No Personal guarantees
  • No term contract (Open-ended agreement, cancelable by either party)
  • No liens on corporate assets other than Accounts Receivable
  • Funding is based on your A/R not your credit
  • Provide labor intensive credit and collection services
  • Quick Response

The objectives of a factoring program are to

  • Enhance balance sheets by improving debt-to-equity and debt-to-asset ratios.
  • Accelerate and stabilize cash flow = control
  • Free your time so you have more time to grow and focus on your business

Enhance performance by:

  1. Curtailing bad debt = greater profit
  2. Controlling dilution = greater profit
  3. Reducing the average days outstanding of invoices: Less financing = Greater Profit
  4. Providing timely and accurate reporting: Better information = Control / Decisions

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