Using Equipment Financing To Close More Sales

Vendor financing is a tool used by equipment dealers to obtain financing for their clients. If your business involves selling equipment to business owners, then you should find an equipment financing company that can supply you with several different equipment leasing programs to help you get your clients financed. In this article, let’s talk about the basic facts that you need to know about this method of financing and how you more »

6 Tips on How to Be A Trusted Car Repair Shop

More and more people now days are keeping their cars longer and avoiding the new car lot altogether. This means less business for the automakers but more business for a reputable, well-equipped shop. A good car repair shop can get more business than it can handle ensuring more profits and more business in the future. There are many things that consumers are looking for when choosing an auto repair shop more »

Ways to improve your credit BEFORE you apply for business financing

Want the best rates? Get your credit score up above a 700! Poor credit can make many facets of your life hard. It can prevent you from leasing the equipment your business needs or other means of business financing.  Before 2008 as a business owner, you could hide your bad personal credit from lenders and concentrate on keeping your business credit clean and you would be approved for financing.  But after 2008 more »

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What is An Equipment Sale Leaseback

What is Sale Lease Back Financing? A sale leaseback is a financial transaction between a business owner who owns VALUABLE business equipment and a leasing company.   The business owner uses the equipment as collateral for a working capital loan or to purchase more equipment.  The amount given thru an equipment sale leaseback is based on the auction value of the equipment.   This type of loan isn’t based on more »

Why your personal credit is so important to your business loan lender

Banks, along with equipment funding lenders, use the following to assess loan applications: Income Credit Capability Security. But while banks look at little-to-medium size businesses from a Fortune 500 view, applicants are seen by equipment funding businesses from a small business outlook, a more “common sense” approach to financing. First thing we look at is how  you pay your bills.  As a small equipment financing business.  We work with a more »