Acquiring A Lease Despite Bad Credit

Do you own a small business? If yes, are you trying to find financing alternatives for your company? Equipment lease financing is a great option not just for new businesses but even for established businesses as well. Acquiring an equipment lease is generally easier and quicker which makes it an ideal option for many businesses. But what if you have past credit problems? Does that mean you cannot qualify for more »

Business Financing – For Start Up Businesses

Business financing is one of the most challenging aspects of starting business. Expenses are to be expected and you, as the business owner must find reliable resources to help keep your business growing. Fortunately, there bank loans are not the only source of financing for a business. Secured and Unsecured Business Loans The traditional way to finance a business – whether it’s a big or small business, is by applying more »

Equipment Leasing Tips For Startup & New Businesses

Starting a business can bring up many challenges for its owner, particularly when it comes to matters of financing. Investing on the needed equipment may require a large sum of money and if you are a business owner working on a small budget, you will need to find alternatives to purchasing new or even second-hand equipment. This is where business lease financing can be the perfect solution. Instead of spending more »

Knowledge = Power

Equipment Lease Financing Tips to Remember

Whether you are a new business, a start-up business or an established business seeking equipment lease financing, following the tips listed below will make things easier for you and save you from unnecessary problems later on. Understand at what stage your business is Are you a startup business (less than 3 years time in business) or established? Do you have good or bad credit? Not all leasing companies provide financing more »

Identifying a Good Equipment Lease Business Partner

Identifying a Good Equipment Lease Business Partner Each year, many businesses are confronted with the challenge of finding financing to purchase equipment.  While applying for a bank loan is an option, entrepreneurs often find that getting approved can be very difficult especially for start-up businesses.  The good news is that there are leasing companies that offer equipment lease financing to help both big and small businesses face up to the more »