Ways to improve your credit BEFORE you apply for business financing

Want the best rates? Get your credit score up above a 700! Poor credit can make many facets of your life hard. It can prevent you from leasing the equipment your business needs or other means of business financing.  Before 2008 as a business owner, you could hide your bad personal credit from lenders and concentrate on keeping your business credit clean and you would be approved for financing.  But after 2008 more »

Obtaining A Start Up Business Equipment Lease For Manufacturers

Running a business, whether its a small business or a big business involves many challenges. One of the biggest challenges that a start up business owners must face is finding financing for large purchases. For business owners who have sufficient working capital, gathering all the necessary equipment needed isn’t a big problem. But for those who work on a limited budget, purchasing equipment could mean using most of their working capital. more »

Starting An Auto Repair Shop? Here Are Some Tips To Get You Started

So you are starting an auto repair shop but don’t know what to do? Either you have a love for cars or just like to work with your hands. Either way, becoming part of the $130 billion a year industry isn’t as easy as buying some tools and hanging up a sign. To open an auto repair shop you must first have a well devised plan. No matter how large more »

9 Tips To Help New Businesses Get Approved For Equipment Leasing

Are you a start up business needing an equipment lease? Equipment leasing is now available for new businesses as well as well established businesses. Roughly 30% of businesses get their equipment through some kind of equipment leasing service. The kind of flexibility that comes with equipment leasing is hard to match with any other way of getting equipment for your business. Here are nine tips to consider when obtaining an more »

Don’t Get Scammed When You Are Looking For An Equipment Leasing Broker

The current economy has unfortunately brought out a lot of bad people.  In the last year we have seen fraud on both sides.  Some so called brokers and even on applicants for equipment leasing. Many businesses want to take advantage of the benefits of  equipment leasing but they don’t qualify.  This is were scammers come in.  They promise to help people who can not get approved in the traditional sense. more »